A case report: a very rarely occurring snakebite

Harsha D. Makwana, Advait V. Thakor, Malhar Madaria


Snake bite is one of the most neglected public health issues in poor rural communities living in the tropics. The venomous bites and stings during pregnancy are very rare and it cause significant adverse effects on fetus and mother. Multiple snake bites to two different individuals by a same snake at the same time are rarely reported in literatures. In present case report, husband and wife with two and half month of pregnancy were bitten with multiple bites by same snake at the same time. This unusual and interesting case occurred in a rural area of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It is also believed that snake discharges maximum of venom on first bite, which may be fatal compared to subsequent bites. The uniqueness of this case lies in the fact that second bite was more serious than the first bite. Woman with two and half month of pregnancy who was bitten first and hade minor effect, and no negative effects on fetus. Man bitten latter with multiple bites and was affected seriously. Both the patients were successfully treated at our hospital.



Snake bite, Pregnancy, Multiple bites, Antivenom

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