Surgery for inguinal hernia in pediatric age

Mukesh S. Suvera, Panchshila B. Damor, Shaishav V. Patel


Inguinal hernia repair is one of the most frequently performed surgical procedures in pediatric patients. An inguinal hernia does not resolve spontaneously and must be repaired because of high risk of complications. A retrospective analysis was performed on the hospital records including operative notes of admitted pediatric patients, aged up to 12 years, who underwent inguinal herniotomy. On observation, male affect more than female , right side inguinal hernia more common than left, due to let decent of testis on right side.  Early detection and repair of inguinal hernia in pediatric is essential to decrease the potential morbidity and operative complications rate. This needs an increase in popular and pediatric awareness.


Inguinal hernia, Herniotomy, Processus vaginalis, Strangulation

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