The anatomical, surgical and orthopedic importance of gastrocnemius

Ashfaq U. Hassan, Zahida Rasool, Nasir Muzzaffar


Gastrocnemius is one of the most important muscles of lower limb. It belongs to the superficial compartment of calf muscles. They belong to group of superficial flexors. Gastrocnemius, plantaris and soleus form the bulk of the calf. Gastrocnemius forms the belly of the calf. It arises by two distinct heads, connected to the condyles of the femur by strong, flat tendons. It has an immense anatomic, medical, orthopedic and physiological importance and is attributed in a variety of medical and surgical problems. A profound knowledge of this muscle is of great importance to any surgeon or orthopedicians or any clinician.


Gastrocnemius, Heads, Sural, Pump, Calf, Plantar, Stance, Orthopedics

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