A clinical study of intestinal stomas: its indications and complications

Zeeshanuddin Ahmad, Apoorv Sharma, Pradeep Saxena, Anuradha Choudhary, Minhajuddin Ahmed


Background: Intestinal stoma is an opening for fecal diversion. The purpose of the present study was to identify indications for commonly performed intestinal stomas and to study complications related to it.

Methods: This is a prospective study was carried out in a surgical unit of Hamidia Hospital, Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal from January, 2012 to December,2012. Data was collected by meticulous history taking including age, gender, indication, type of stoma, type of surgery, careful clinical examination, appropriate operative findings and follow up of the cases. The results were collected, analyzed and compared with other studies.

Results: A total of 100 patients were evaluated age ranged between 12- 85 years (50.5 ± 29.01 years) Male to female ratio was 7:3. Of the 100 patients 97 were admitted in emergency while 3 in out-patient department. The most common type of stoma made was loop ileostomy (64%) followed by sigmoid colostomy (11%) and transverse loop colostomy (9%). Main indication for a stoma formation was enteric perforation (38%) followed by Koch’s abdomen (18%). Of the various complications encountered with intestinal stoma, peristomal skin irritation (36%) was the most consistent complication followed by laparotomy wound infection (13%).

Conclusions: Inspite of vast exposure of general surgeons towards stoma formation the complications are inevitable. Early detection of complication and its timely management is the keystone.


Intestinal stoma, Indications, Complication

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