Ultrasonography awareness among pregnant women attending medical college hospital in Kolhapur District of Maharashtra, India

Jeevankumar U. Yadav, Deepmala J. Yadav


Background: Globally there has been increased medicalization of pregnancy due to advances in technology. Ultrasonography examination during pregnancy has become an integral part of antenatal care throughout the world with advanced health care services.

Methods: The cross-sectional study was conducted in pregnant women attending the ANC clinic of Obstetric department of D. Y. Patil Medical College Hospital, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India for routine check up to know the awareness about ultrasonography among them. The study included 290 pregnant women. All were explained the purpose of study and assured confidentiality. Data has been collected from willing participants using pre-tested questionnaire in June-August 2015.

Results: The study shows literacy was 87.6%, pregnancy above 20 years age 98.97% and most of them unskilled (83.4%), majority of middle social class (89%). Many (72.41%) pregnant women considered USG use to detect fetal anomalies while 27.93% considered for sex detection. Majority (93.1%) done USG in this pregnancy, of that more (43.45 %) in second trimester and mainly advised by doctors (91.03%). Nearly half of them (50.69%) considered its expensive procedure, 69.31% spent 200/- to 500/- rupees per USG, in spite 94.83% of them would recommend other pregnant women to undergo USG in pregnancy. 50.69%% of them opined it should be done twice in pregnancy. Almost 94.83% considered USG as safe and beneficial.

Conclusions: Awareness regarding the uses of Ultrasonography during pregnancy and attitude towards it was found to be average. There is need to create more awareness in community about PCPNT act and its provisions. Also there is need of counselling about the safety, utility and frequency of USG during pregnancy to avoid misuse.


Awareness, Pregnant women, USG

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