Retrospective analysis of ultrasound features of dengue infection

Denesh Narasimhan, Silpita Katragadda, M. Sathish


Background: Dengue infection is an extremely common infection in tropical countries. It is considered to be prevalent all-round the year. The aim of the study was to analyse the ultrasound features of serologically proven dengue cases. To correlate the platelet count with ultrasound features of dengue.

Methods: Study included dengue patients admitted from January 2011 to December 2012. Dengue was diagnosed by IgM antibody test. All patients underwent ultrasound evaluation and platelet count testing.

Results: most common finding was ascites in 43 cases (39.8%), splenomegaly in 41 cases (37.9%), right sided pleural effusion in 25 cases (23.4%), gall bladder wall thickening was present in 30 cases (27.7%) and hepatomegaly was present in 20 cases (18.5%). Presence of most of the features of ultrasound evaluation correlated with a platelet count of less than 40000 cells/mm3.

Conclusions: The commonest sonographic findings were ascites and splenomegaly followed by pleural effusion and gall bladder wall thickening. Thus, presence of these ultrasound features in a febrile patient may be suggestive of dengue fever and presence of all the sonographic features may suggest a low platelet count.


Ascites, Gall bladder wall thickening, Sonography, Splenomegaly

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