Dengue and HEV co-infection in a case of hepatitis

Mohd Amir Khan, Cyrus Cavina, Varun Shetty, Santwana Dinesh Chandrakar, S. T. Nabar


A 35 years old male presented in the casualty of D.Y. Patil hospital with chief complaints of fever with chills since 10 days. Due to high endemicity of malaria in the Navi Mumbai region an initial diagnosis of malaria was made. Patient was admitted and started on anti-malarials. Initial reports were positive for dengue NS1 antigen. As the patient had severe jaundice a possibility of another co-infection was considered. On further investigation hepatitis E (HEV) Ig M was positive. This case illustrates the importance of considering co-infections in endemic areas that can pose diagnostic dilemmas.


Dengue, Hepatitis, HEV, ALT, AST, Co-infection

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