AVID triad: a case report

Manoj M. C., Lokesh Kumar T.


Asymmetric ventriculomegaly, interhemispheric cyst and dysgenesis of the corpus callosum (AVID) constitutes a rare imaging triad. Additional findings include subcortical and subependymal heterotopia, polymicrogyria, fused thalami, deficient falx, and hydrocephalus. The knowledge of this triad helps us to diagnose prenatally by sonography and fetal MRI. In this case report authors present MRI Imaging findings in a case of AVID syndrome in a 6year old male child presenting with history of seizures and delayed milestones.


Asymmetric ventriculomegaly, Agenesis, AVID, Corpus callosal dysgenesis, Interhemispheric cyst

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