Unbalanced omega ratio and omega 3 deficiencies in world makes our immune system less effective to fight with virus and other infections

Kshitij Bhardwaj, Narsingh Verma


According to the report of a global survey of the omega-3 fatty acids. majorities of countries in the world are facing the deficiency of essential fatty acids specially of omega 3, this very low level of essential fatty acid leads to increase global risk for chronic disease. Many reports are published about the role of omega 3 on the immune system in health and in diseases, especially those caused by the excessive inflammatory response. Numerous studies have shown that these compounds are immunoregulatory and immunosuppressive and thus may increase susceptibility to infection. They also manipulate the functions of antigen-presenting cells and lymphocytes, including T and B cells, NK cells, LAK cells and also T regulatory cells. In this article, we made a simple attempt to elucidate the effect of omega-3 deficiency in our immune system, especially during the virus and other infections. In this period of severe virus infections studies on omega3 and its role in immune is of great Interest.


Covid 19, Essential fatty acids, Immunity, Infectious diseases, Omega 3, Virus

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