Synchronous phyllodes tumor and invasive breast carcinoma in contralateral breasts- a rare case report

Michelle Mathias, Divya Joshi, Kishan Prasad H. L., Sajitha K., Lancet Lobo, Abena Hidangmayum


Phyllodes tumours are rare breast tumours, accounting for 0.3-1% of all breast cancers and 2.5% of fibroepithelial tumours. They occur in younger age women in Asian countries. These can be classified into benign, borderline and malignant based on stromal hypercellularity, mitotic figures, cellular pleomorphism, stromal overgrowth and nature of the tumour borders. Synchronous coexistence of phyllodes tumour and invasive breast carcinoma in the contralateral breast is very rare, and probably the second one reported in the literature. Hereby, we report a case of a middle-aged woman presenting with a lump in the bilateral breast, diagnosed to have benign phyllodes of one breast and Invasive carcinoma of the contralateral breast.


Phyllodes tumor, Carcinoma breast, Synchronous, Carcinoma thyroid

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